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For the women of Taylor Creek to have an insatiable longing to display the likeness of Christ in their lives, relationships and ministries through obedience to God’s Word.

  • Equip: to equip women to understand God’s Word that they may live lives consistent with God’s will.   Motivation: Colossians 3:16-17

  • Serve: To provide opportunities for women to use their spiritual gifts to serve the needs of the body.  Motivation: 1 Timothy 2:9-10 Example: Acts 9:36

  • Reach: To provide opportunities for fellowship and evangelism.  Motivation: Hebrews 10:24-25

  • Disciple: Coming alongside women for discipleship as well as purposefully training others to disciple

  • Relationship: Providing opportunities to encourage women to build godly relationships with other women

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Women of Grace
Team Members:

Jennifer Henning
Amy Katen
Teresa Todd


Thursday Mornings @ 10am

in Upper CE Building


Wednesday Evenings @7pm

in the Annex

COST: $14.00

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As women we are uniquely created by God, to be a life giver, with the ability, by His design, to bring forth life as well as to impart life to others through wisdom as we care for and minister to those who bear His image. The Proverbs 31 woman is the embodiment of this, perfectly expressing her love for the Lord in all that she does and speaks. 


Where most of us are familiar with “HER”, I want to invite you to sit down with me, Word of God in hand, pen, paper and your mind to study, to learn and acquire wisdom and then more wisdom regarding the quality of this great occupation that He has not only called you to but intended for you to excel in through the application of His word and the Spirit of Christ Jesus.  

This study is divided into five chapters. Each chapter has five sections of study. We will approach this as a five-month study. Each chapter focuses on a specific verse of Proverbs 31 using a method of Bible Study that is based on:

        Observation, what does the passage say?

         Interpretation, what does it mean?

        Application, How does it relate to me in my sanctification?


The study is structured in such a way that each section will have all three of these methods which are essential in studying God’s word accurately (to understand the meaning of the text as God intended it for us) and applicably. 

We will gather together twice a month. On the first week of the month we will open with a practical workshop centered around some of the principals you will be studying this year. Then we will break down into small groups to share what we have learned in our studies the previous month. On the third week of the month you will hear from our teachers on the passages you have already studied and discussed. We will then close our time with prayer together in our small groups. 

I look forward to learning  more about "HER" as we strive together to "Become Her" that we may excel still more in the ministry of our home!

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