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For the women of Taylor Creek to have an insatiable longing to display the likeness of Christ in their lives, relationships and ministries through obedience to God’s Word.

  • Equip: to equip women to understand God’s Word that they may live lives consistent with God’s will.   Motivation: Colossians 3:16-17

  • Serve: To provide opportunities for women to use their spiritual gifts to serve the needs of the body.  Motivation: 1 Timothy 2:9-10 Example: Acts 9:36

  • Reach: To provide opportunities for fellowship and evangelism.  Motivation: Hebrews 10:24-25

  • Disciple: Coming alongside women for discipleship as well as purposefully training others to disciple

  • Relationship: Providing opportunities to encourage women to build godly relationships with other women

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Women of Grace
Team Members:

Jennifer Henning
Amy Katen
Sue Roberts
Teresa Todd

Thursday Mornings @ 10am

in Upper CE Building


Wednesday Evenings @7pm

in the Annex

COST: $21.00




Redefined:  Defining Identity Through the Mirror of God's Word will be the beginning of our Biblical Womanhood Series over the next few years. 

As women we are faced with the massive opportunity of rebuilding the wreckage of a Christian nation. How do we live faithfully as women now? 

We know that the very core truth regarding our creation is that God created man and woman in His image. We also know that at the fall the image of God in the human race was fractured and corrupted by sin. Sin fools us into believing lies that are coming from our culture and ultimately Satan himself. It was Satan's plan in the garden to destroy God's relationship with His creation and ever sense mankind has been at odds with his Creator, leading to hostility towards God which was culminated in the crucifixion of the One Who IS the very image of God.. the exact representative of Him.. Jesus Christ. So we can say that what Satan premeditated... God intended to be His supreme act of love by dying and rising again for us. 

This is where we will begin our study on Biblical Womanhood. By examining our own hearts to become intimately acquainted with the image that we bear with the goal of redefining who we are in Christ. To redefine by being renewed in the love and true image of the invisible God so that we can rightly reflect His image to the world. 

It is only as we get to know and love the Image...the Who.. of the Invisible God that we can begin to rebuild what Biblical Womanhood is. Only in Christ do we find the power of His redemption that renews and reshapes us into the image that was fractured in the garden. 

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