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Adventure Club is an exciting children’s ministry program that is focused on Bible memorization and teaching children the truth of God’s Word in a fun, meaningful way. The full curriculum is designed to create opportunities for parents and children to have deeper spiritual discussions at home while working through the lessons, memory verses, activities, and adventure story.


Register Here Online:

For additional information, please contact Taylor Creek Church at (425) 432-0634 or send us an email.


·       Club Time for this year: 6-8pm.

·       Our first Club will be Thursday September 7th.

·       Please have your child come to the first night with Lesson 1 complete!


You can download and print the year’s calendar from the following link: Include the PDF document attached to this email, please.

    Lesson Schedule

adventure club_edited.png

Trackers (3 years old - Kindergarten)


Scouts (grades 1–3)


Trailblazers (grades 4–6)

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